Our Mission

Experience God through having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We are not bound by religion or traditions, but rather seek to please God by living a life based on the leading of the Holy Spirit, studying the Word of God, and through an active prayer life. Pursuing God’s will for our lives, while also fulfilling his purpose and divine plan individually and corporately. (Jeremiah 29:11)

Evangelize the Lost by intentionally and prayerfully interacting with people from every walk of life. To share the Good News of Jesus Christ with the UNSAVED, UNCHURCHED, and UNSURE. Our mission is to advance the kingdom and further it’s growth with a compelling invitation that is compassionate and caring. Evangelism is a priority for DCCI and God’s plan for the church.        (Matthew 28:19-20)

Equip the Believer by teaching concisely the Word of God, so that every person is a disciple and equipped to live as a Christian. Also, sharing the word with relevance so that it’s applicable to every person, no matter what age, culture, race, or educational background. Our goal is to assure that everyone maximizes their potential and possibilities, and that they have the necessary tools to serve God and mankind to the fullest. (Ephesians 4:1-13)